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Pranayama 1

This course is six sessions of 2 hours, allowing an opportunity to deepen and widen your understanding and practice of pranayama, the breathing practices of yoga. Typically, breathing is something that we just do. On this course will be exploring some preliminary breathing practices, some classical practices and other interesting things. During the course there is time to practice what we have learned, and this is reinforced by home practice. By the end of the course that simple instruction ‘take a breath in’ should be a much deeper, richer experience – and you will know what it feels like to breathe well. Come, let’s breath…

Date and Time:  (to be decided)

Booking    £170


This course is six sessions of 1 hour. We look at and practice various meditation techniques from various traditions. It is not constrained to any one tradition. By the end of the course, and with home practice, you should have a solid understanding and practice of the principles of meditation, and (hopefully) start to experience the effects of the practice. Also, you will able to develop your own practice that suits you. ~

Date and Time:  (to be decided)

Booking    £85


Both Pranayama and Meditation 

Why not do both Pranayama and Meditation courses together?

Time:      Wednesday 09:30 to 12:30
Venue:    GU12 6SJ
Dates:     11 Oct, 18 Oct, 26 Oct, 01 Nov, 09 Nov  2017

(Discount for teachers, please contact me)

Pranayama & Meditation Booking    £230