The Tibetan Strength Test

How strong and robust do you think you are? Here is a really simple bench-mark test…

How many of the Tibetan-2 can you do in a row?      [see how to do it here]

Note, please recognise that not all exercises are relevant and safe for everyone. Approach this in a spirit of common-sense and personal responsibility. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health, or have known problems, speak with your doctor or physician before attempting this.

Don’t go beyond 21. If you can do 21 easily, it indicates you are pretty fit and strong. Excellent. Leave it there – well done.

If less than 21 maybe you could improve your core strength and robustness. The AntiFragility practices we do are aimed at general strengthening up. We are not after being able to demonstrate a perfect yoga pose. Rather we are after a body that is strong enough to handle what life throws at you, a body that works. If you can only do ‘a lot less than 21‘, it might be worth a pause to think about the condition you are in now, and the condition you want to be in in the future.

You can try one of our yoga classes. You can have a go at practising and developing the Five Tibetans Sequence [see video here    or    download PDF here]

There are many things you can do, many clips available on YouTube. One of the threads of this AntiFragility Yoga is taking responsibility for our own well-being. If you are not very fit and strong now – then actively do something about it. If you do nothing, nothing will change. Doing nothing will certainly not get you fitter and stronger. If yoga does not suite you, find something that does. Age is going to happen anyway – whether we end up frail or strong is the consequence of life choices (obviously – apart from life circumstances over which we have no control). You can make a deliberate choice yourself, or the advancing years will make it for you as you drift into frailty. Come, today, let’s start the journey of getting stronger and fitter – start at the place you are at, and progress from there.

For more on the AntiFragility Yoga concepts, [see here]

If you are unable to find a class that suits, or have other issues, or are not sure where to start, you might consider our on-line beginner yoga course

For more on our courses and workshops [see here]