Antifragility Program – Enhancing the Human

Antifragility is all about strengthening up, improving flexibility and robustness – aiming at being able to handle what life throws at you, rather than being athletic enough to perform acrobatics. It allows us to understand what right movement feels like, what breathing into movement feels like in the body fabric. To understand posture. To understand the effects of physical activity. To understand what it mean to breath well. To understand what well-being feels like. To understand the art of mindfulness, of what we do with our focus of attention, of concentration and the deep calm that comes through stillness. All rooted in a pragmatic and practical common-sense. Practising this, be as well as you can be, as calm and grounded as you can be, robust enough to handle life, be as decent and compassionate as you can be, be human as well as you know how [read more].

We currently have the following classes, courses  and workshops. For the venues, times and dates see Timetable / Schedule  (TBC)

We are planning our relocation to Morecambe and plan to offer a range of yoga classes, courses and workshops locally in the Morecambe / Lancaster / Kendal area, as well as regionally.

Regular Local Classes
Farnborough – St Marks Church Hall (ended Dec 2017)
Book of 10 drop-in tickets – £80, or £9 in class
more details
Morecambe / Lancaster / Kendal
Online Courses
Remedial / Beginner On-line Course – £21 more details Sign Up
Beginner / Intermediate On-line Course  under construction
Local / Regional Courses
(enquire for availability in your area)
Remedial / Beginner Asana – level 1  TBC
Beginner / Intermediate Asana – level 2  TBC
Building the Asana Practice – level 3  TBC
Pranayama:  6 x 2 hr course over 6 months (level 1 and level 2 material)  more info  TBC
Meditation:  6 x 1 hr course over 6 months  more info  TBC
Ishana Workshops
These are aimed at introducing the Ishana breath or pranayama and meditation material, and starting the journey of practising it
Ishana Breath – Level 1, 2hrs  TBC
Ishana Breath – Level 2, 4 hrs  TBC
Ishana Meditation – 3 hrs  TBC
Full Antifragility Ishana Practice – in depth workshops
This assumes prior knowledge of the Ishana material – these sessions are not aimed at teaching it, rather they offer an opportunity to deepen your practise
Level 1: 1 hr Asana + 1/2 hr Ishana Breath + 1/2 hr Ishana Meditation – 2 hrs more info  TBC
Level 2: 1 hr Asana + 1 hr  Ishana Breath + 1 hr Ishana Meditation – 3 hrs more info  TBC
Antifragility Ishana Retreats
These are run periodically in various locations. The intention of these retreats is to make the Full AntiFragility Practice as accessible as possible and to offer an opportunity to deepen the practise
1 day and 2 day retreats TBC

TBC = To Be Confirmed

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