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The whole AntiFragility Program is aimed at the journey of moving progressively towards robustness, on every level. It takes as a starting point the place you are at right now. I have heard people say that they are not very flexible so they can’t do yoga. Or that they are not very fit, so they can’t do yoga.

I think this misses the point of what yoga is about. You start at the place that you are at and then progress on from there. As you practice you get stronger and more flexible, you develop, you get more robust, you understand better what you are capable of doing. It is doing the practice that makes the change. So anyone and everyone can gain from it – doing as much as is right, appropriate and relevant for them.

The first part of the Program involves exercise or asana. This asana component has various steps.

Step-A1: Beginners

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 This step is aimed at Beginners. It is aimed at people with no experience of yoga. It is also aimed at remedial yoga. If you are not sure where to start, or feel at all cautious about doing exercise, or if there are any health issues – Step-1 is a good place to start. It starts with simple movements and postures and builds on that.
The term ‘beginner’ is a very variable one. I have encountered beginners who can do things I can’t do. So practices that are relevant for a beginner will vary widely.
I have a video explaining this material and there are some rule-of-thumb moves that you can try in order to judge which Step would be a good place to start for you  [ see video ].
As a simple rule-of-thumb:

  • If you can easily do a high plank for 5 or 10 seconds then you are probably okay to start with Step-A2

If this high plank is at all a struggle or strain, or causes discomfort, or if you are not sure, or if you have any specific health issues I strongly suggest start with Step-A1.

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Step-A2: Improvers  This is aimed at people with some experience of yoga, or are relatively fit and strong to start with. This step allows them progress with building strength, ability and robustness [ In Development ]
Step-A3: Builders  This is aimed at people who have done Step-A2 for some time and want to or are ready to work harder. These sequences will progressively build and develop robustness and an awareness of right action. This works towards the full AntiFragility sequences [ In Development ]

Please also remember that if you have any concerns about your health or have any health issues check with your doctor before starting this work. Having said that, the whole aim of this program is to progressively, safely move towards robustness in the spirit of common sense and in taking responsibility for your own actions and well-being. So please take responsibility for your use of this material.

I hope that this is your experience of working with this material – to progressively, safely move towards robustness. Remember that the results will be in proportion to the effort you put into it, and that the physiology will take time to change. Slowly and slowly the physiology will change. Progressively with practice, you will get stronger and more flexible.

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